Need new calendar tech

I use Rainlendar calendar on my desktop which syncs with my Google calendar. My google calendar is synced to my and my family’s devices.

Google calendar does not have categories.. WHY?? ugh.

Rainlendar has categories but their manager seems buggy when sorting.

Basically I want a digital date book that lets me tag and sort events; has vertical agenda view by date; sends anything tagged “appt” to google calendar; add dated but non-timed events (examples: faxed request to Dr. Jane #medical #status; stone hit windshield #car; tick bite #medical #susan; pay acme bill #due; paid by check acme bill #paid); export csv or print reports by tags sorted by date.



Respecting Trump voters

Telling trump voters they are all racist, stupid, ignorant, etc.. will NOT help reach them. ..and we NEED them if we have any hope of avoiding the upcoming authoritarian fascist nightmare.

Small group of Trump voters are blatantly racist and not nice people. They are emboldened by Trump’s win and so have come out of woodwork.

Most Trump voters, I believe, are regular people. There is a lot of cognitive bias going on (both sides, I admit.) Hey, I’m liberal.. 99.9% I’ll vote democrat, right?

The problem here is that this was not a normal election. Trump played on our fears. He went for that deep instinctual fear we all have of “losing” (life, liberty, all that we know, etc).

His rallies were like a beautiful dance (ugh.. I hate to say that) but really he is like this amazing conductor.

So.. regular decent people voted for Trump for regular reasons. With me so far?

Now, cognitive bias really comes into play. As Trump berates magazines and broadway shows and provokes China, etc. those voters will minimize those things. You cannot blame them for that. It is normal! It is absolutely human.

Us liberals who feel there are enough dots to connect that suggest we are facing a devastating blow to our country NEED to <<respectfully>> and repeatedly show those dots.

RESPECTFULLY.. is important. Being respectful will gain those ears. They will listen and begin to process.

We’re all in this together whether we like it or not. It takes ALL of us to save this country.

My Sandisk Clip Sport

I recently bought a refurbished 4GB Sandisk Clip Sport via a link on SlickDeals. Even though that deal had expired, I got it for $22.99 total.

The reason I bought it is to listen to audiobooks, particularly at night in bed. It’s tiny, has long battery life (up t0 25 hours) and physical buttons. I can download Audible and Overdrive books (using Audible/Overdrive software) as well as normal mp3 books.

It took some finagling to get Audible Manager to activate my Clip Sport. I searched the Sandisk forums and found a solution. I followed the instructions, changed the drive letter then I was good to go. The Clip activated and I was able to download my Audible content.

When Overdrive adds a book, it adds files but no folder. I discovered I could direct the files to Audiobooks under a new folder which was called “new folder” but no option to rename. I simply went to Windows Explorer, found the folder and renamed it there and it promptly updated on the Clip. Another way to do it is to use MP3tag software and update Album with book title.

I’m on my second Overdrive book and have noticed if I back out of that specific book then go back to it, I have to find the correct file before I get the “resume” or “start over” choice. I’m making it a habit of checking the upper left screen to see which part (ex. 3/11) I’m in.

Although I have added some music (and a playlist) and podcasts, I haven’t used it for those yet.

So far, I’m enjoying this little device. It was a small hump to initially get it set up but I found solutions easy enough. I’m a happy camper.





Make your own self-updating, searchable Twitter Archive

Update: 08/31/16

Google Drive is dropping their hosting option but you can use Github instead


Keep your Twitter Archive fresh on Google Drive using a bit of Google Apps Script

Update/Host Twitter Archive with Google Drive


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