My Sandisk Clip Sport

I recently bought a refurbished 4GB Sandisk Clip Sport via a link on SlickDeals. Even though that deal had expired, I got it for $22.99 total.

The reason I bought it is to listen to audiobooks, particularly at night in bed. It’s tiny, has long battery life (up t0 25 hours) and physical buttons. I can download Audible and Overdrive books (using Audible/Overdrive software) as well as normal mp3 books.

It took some finagling to get Audible Manager to activate my Clip Sport. I searched the Sandisk forums and found a solution. I followed the instructions, changed the drive letter then I was good to go. The Clip activated and I was able to download my Audible content.

When Overdrive adds a book, it adds files but no folder. I discovered I could direct the files to Audiobooks under a new folder which was called “new folder” but no option to rename. I simply went to Windows Explorer, found the folder and renamed it there and it promptly updated on the Clip. Another way to do it is to use MP3tag software and update Album with book title.

I’m on my second Overdrive book and have noticed if I back out of that specific book then go back to it, I have to find the correct file before I get the “resume” or “start over” choice. I’m making it a habit of checking the upper left screen to see which part (ex. 3/11) I’m in.

Although I have added some music (and a playlist) and podcasts, I haven’t used it for those yet.

So far, I’m enjoying this little device. It was a small hump to initially get it set up but I found solutions easy enough. I’m a happy camper.






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